Outlaw 10.5 Rules

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General Rules

  1. Heads Up .400 Pro Tree - 1/8th Mile Format
  2. Towing will be allowed, you must stop at scales, not doing so will be a disqualification.
  3. All applicable safety rules for the track we are racing at apply.
  4. Outlaw 10.5 - 1/8th mile racing, 16 car qualified field.

Body & Chassis

  1. Non-OEM Body and Quarters allowed with 150 lb weight penalty. Aftermarket Body must be commercially available and match OEM dimensions with no chopping or narrowing allowed.
  2. Back Half type cars only.
  3. Maximum tire size 33x10.5W as marked on sidewall.
  4. Must be Street appearing, must have stock appearing dash and working lights.
  5. One piece front ends permitted but must retain stock appearance and must have working lights.
  6. Front Frame to be original O.E.M. type & must extend 4" forward of front spindle.(stock like front frame rails mandatory).
  7. Direct bolt in aftermarket parts permitted. Factory front frame must be connected to K-member or lower suspension component by welding or bolting.
  8. Double round tube frame rails from firewall forward prohibited. If utilizing a 1990 or older Factory Type A-Arms (including tubular) deduct 50 lbs from weights above.
  9. Minimum ground clearance of 3" from the front of the nose to 12" behind centerline of the front axle.
  10. Maximum front overhang 45" From centerline of front spindle. Unless longer from the factory, but no longer than factory spec.
  11. Wheelbase must be within 2" of factory dimensions. Maximum front end stagger is 2". Wheelbase will be measured from centerline of front spindle to centerline of rear axle. Any vehicle not in conformance with wheelbase rules will be assessed a 100lb weight penalty.
  12. Firewall must be within 2" of stock location. Firewall will be measured from the centerline of the front spindle to the farthest point away on the firewall.
  13. Both sides will be measured and the average of the two sides will be the official measurement. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall can not be modified for engine placement. Any vehicle not in conformance with the firewall rules will be assessed a 100 lb weight penalty.


  1. ALL cars must have mufflers. Turbocharged cars do not need mufflers (Inserts are NOT considered mufflers).
  2. If any particular combination proves to be dominating based off of performance, weight may be adjusted based on cubic inch, or power adder.
  3. Single power adder only. Example: Nitrous is not allowed in combination with blower or turbos.
  4. Alcohol on NON intercooled cars only. Nitro methane PROHIBITED.

Weight / Engine Combos


  1. 4 & 6 cylinder alcohol & intercooler permitted. No minimum weight.
  2. Single Power Adders Only (No Blower + Nitrous or Turbo + Nitrous).
  3. All weights are minimums w/driver.

Naturally Aspirated

  1. Small Block No minimum weight.
  2. Big Block No Minimum Weight.

Nitrous Oxide

  1. Small Block 2250 lbs.
  2. Big Block 4.840 & 4.900 Bore Center 2450 lbs.
  3. Big Block 5.00 Bore Center 2550 lbs.
  4. Big Block 5.20 & 5.30 Bore Center 2650 lbs.


  1. Single Turbo SB 2500 lbs Big Block 2700.
  2. Twin Turbo 94mm SB 2700lbs BB 3050lbs.
  3. Twin Turbo 91mm SB 2650lbs BB 3000lbs.
  4. Twin Turbo 88mm and smaller SB 2550lbs BB 2900lbs.
  5. Conventional heads deduct 100lbs.
  6. BB less then 550ci deduct 100lbs.
  7. Maximum engine size on all turbocharged engines 670ci.
  8. Blocks larger than 5" bore spacing add 100lbs.
  9. Maximum turbo size of 94mm on all twin turbo combinations turbo.


  1. Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2500 lbs, BB 2700 lbs.
  2. Twin Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2700 lbs, BB 3000 lbs.
  3. Roots Supercharger SB 2500 lbs, BB 2700 lbs.
  4. Screw Superchargers max overdrive 121%, "C" rotor 3000 lbs, 125%, "D"rotor 2900lbs (MAXIMUM ENGINE SIZE 540ci).
  5. Blocks larger than 5" bore spacing add 100lbs..


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